Here is some background information on some of our key manufacturers. All models are hand-built from a white-metal alloy as described in another section of the website.

43RD AVENUE from MILESTONE MINIATURES: 43RD Avenue produced an interesting range of model cars in different collectible series. 43RD Avenue was based in England and was daring enough to re-create cars that no one else has. The Company ceased production in 2008.

BROOKLIN : Brooklin Models is one of the world's leading manufacturers of 1:43 scale, collectible white metal model automobiles and trucks. Dollar for dollar, Brooklin is the best value in white-metal models.

CONQUEST/MADISON : Models are build in England and are made with extremely high quality and detail One of the best selections of cars from the '50s and '60s.

DURHAM MODELS : One of the first companies to produce hand-built white metal models. Models are built in Canada and are not released on a regular basis.

HIGHWAY TRAVELERS : A small American company with a limited line of unique models. Cars are built in England to the highest standards.

MINIMARQUE: The new Minimarque models made in England are among the world's finest. Minimarques are built in small, limited edition numbers to exacting standards.

MOTOR CITY U.S.A. THE premier manufacturer of white-metal collectible models. Motor City had the reputation for building the most highly detailed and accurate 1:43 scale model cars in the world. The models were crafted in the U.S.A.. Motor City's divisions included Motor City (the top of the line) U.S.A Models, American Models and Design Studio. All models were made in extremely limited quantities. Company has not built any models since 2008.

SMTS: Founded in 1983, SMTS is based in England. We are excited to offer SMTS' complete line of Trans Am race cars driven by some of the most famous drivers.

US MODEL MINT: The "youngest" of the white-metal manufacturers, U.S. Model Mint does an interesting assortment of both cars and trucks. The company tackles subject matter that no one else has addressed with outstanding craftsmanship. The models are manufacturered in England.

WESTERN MODELS: Western was founded in 1974 and was based in England. Western had the largest selection of classic American cars from the 1930s through the 1980s. Company was purchased in 2007. Models are still produced in England but have been upgraded in quality and are now known as Western Models Collectors Editions.