1. A brass master is carefully made by hand out of sheet brass by a skilled model maker taking hundereds of hours. When the brass master is complete a rubber mold is made for the various parts that will be needed in making the finished model.

2. A special alloy of white metal, a specific temperature, a specific speed, a specific time and other exact measures must be incorporated to cast the white metal model. These are cast one at a time.

3. After being cast, the parts are carefully removed from the rubber molds. Flashing is carefully reomoved and the parts are then prepared for either painting or chrome plating. The windows are vacu-formed. The tires are made of a special compound and parts are readied for assembly. Parts are all assembled by hand and any additional painting such as tail lights will be done at this time.

4. Some of the more intricate designs such as emblems etc. are photo-etched and attached to the brass masters prior to making the rubber molds, thus achieving fine detail.

5. As you can see much work goes into making an individual White Metal Model as opposed to inexpensive die-cast models which ar produced by the hundereds of thousands. White Metal Models are produced only in small quantities, thus making them truly collectible miniatures.